Project / Summary



Integrated Land-use Management Modelling of Black Sea Estuaries (ILMM-BSE) has been developed and implemented in relevance to Priority 2 and Measure 2.1 of the Joint Operational Programme “Black Sea Basin 2007-2013” – 2nd Call for Proposals, with (i) ENPI Applicant: Bourgas Regional Tourism Association from Bulgaria, and ENPI Partners: Bourgas Prof. Assen Zlatarov University from Bulgaria; Ukrainian Marine Environment Protection Association from Ukraine and Civitas Georgica from Georgia, and (ii) IPA Lead Beneficiary: Hayrabolu Municipality, and IPA Partners: Turkish Marine Environment Protection Association and Namık Kemal University. Implemented in Bourgas in Bulgaria, Tekirdağ in Turkey, Odessa in Ukraine and Guria in Georgia, the project has, (i) overall objective of developing, enhancing and evaluating impact assessment and management tools for the sustainable land use of the watershed areas of coastal deltas, and (ii) specific objectives of creating an integrated database system involving all relevant European research and application practices; fostering communication and collaboration on land management, in target deltas; developing land-use models for target deltas; inducing a cooperative institutional structure; creating cooperation and networking among scientists, land developers and decision makers in Black Sea basin; developing an environmental education program. The project has, (i) academicians, researchers and experts of local universities and research institutions as target groups, representatives and members of local NGOs and representatives and officials of local authorities and administrations as final beneficiaries, (ii) integrating activities; joint research programme; spreading excellence activities; management activities as main activities, and (iii) sharing knowledge, ensuring the lasting integration of information and data, networking experts and stakeholders throughout Black Sea basin, expanding the use of scientific tools to promote sustainability in the use of the territories of coastal deltas and to spread excellence worldwide as estimated results.            

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