Project / Objectives



The objectives of the ILMM-BSE Project are to create an integrated database system that includes all relevant research and practices on the sustainable land use of the watershed areas of targeted coastal deltas, create cooperation and networking among scientists, decisions makers and other relevant stakeholders as well as to develop an environmental education program.

The ILMM-BSE Project is being realized in the areas, which cover the Meriç Ergene basin in Turkey, Rapotamo and Veleka river basins and deltas in Bulgaria, Dnieper, Dniester and Danube river basins and deltas in Ukraine and Guria region in Georgia.

Within the ILMM-BSE Project, GIS based integrated databases and static decision support models of above-mentioned basins in the ENPI partner countries of this Project (Bulgaria, Georgia and Ukraine) and Turkey shall be established.

Their numeric integrated land-use management models will be prepared and their application as an instrument for sustainable land-use management of these regions will be ensured. In the context of the project, within specifics of the Black Sea Basin, it will be ensured that an integrated land-use management system for coastal fields, such as deltas and lagoons and their wet lands will be established.

With the project sustainable land use management and scenarios about sustainable water resources use, settlement places, industrial and waste storage areas could be predicted.

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