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IPA Beneficiary

Hayrabolu Municipality

Hayrabolu is one of the oldest settlements in Thrace. Hayrabolu Municipality (HBM)will be the IPA Lead Beneficiary of the project. HBM will be responsible for project coordination activities in Turkey. Its public institutions are established to meet the common needs of people in this city. The primary mission of the municipality is to provide services based on the common goals as effectiveness, efficiency, and quality of service. Also, it works on improving the quality of life in the area and the municipalities nearby.

Hayrabolu Municipality try to implement the idea that allmunicipalities, towns and village organizations have to meet the common needs of the people in a healthy and sustainable way, and must satisfy the needs of the people of the city.

Address: Hayrabolu Belediye Başkanlığı İlyas Mah. Alpullu Cad. No : 3 59400 Tekirdağ/Hayrabolu TURKEY
Tel: +90 282 315 10 49
Fax: +90 282 315 11 52

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