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"Prof. Dr Assen Zlatarov" University

"Prof. Dr Assen Zlatarov" University is the only state university in Southeast Bulgaria. It was founded on 6th October 1963 by Decree ? 162 of the Council of Ministers as a Higher Chemico-technological institute "Prof. Dr Assen Zlatarov" which connected forever it with the name of its patron. "Prof. Dr Assen Zlatarov" University was ratified as such by a resolution of the National Assembly in 1995.

More than 320 highly qualified lecturers, 127 of them habilitated, teach at the university. Organization and management of the educational process at the university comply with the European requirements and criteria for qualitative educational and research process. A university evaluation and education quality maintenance system has been worked out. The University has been rated among the first in Bulgaria according to the quality of the research on Hirsch system for scientific contribution. Carrying out the policy of the university management for rejuvenating and heightening the qualification of the academic staff, there has been a practice established for announcing competitions on all levels - from "assistant professor" to "professor".

Address: Bulgaria, 8010 Burgas 1, Prof. Yakimov, Bul.
Tel/Fax: +359 56 86 00 41

Ukrainian Marine Environment Protection Association

Ukrainian Marine Environment Protection Association (UKRMEPA) is a member of the International Association for the Protection of the Marine Environment INTERMEPA. In 2008, it was formally recognized by the international community and the Marine already internationally successfully cooperated with other affiliates INTERMEPA.

UKRMEPA created on the basis of Odessa National Maritime Academy, Nautical Institute of Ukraine - Department of Marine Institute UK, the Institute of Postgraduate Education, maritime executives and specialists of Water Transport of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Central design Bureau "Slipway" with the support of the Odessa regional organization "Green Party".

Its main goal is to consolidate the capabilities of members of the Organization for the advancement of the marine environment and the coastal zone of the Black Sea and the Azov Sea, as the basis for the existence and further development of civil society.

International Association Civitas Georgica was established in 1996 by those, who believe that Georgia is a country of European values. Our mission is to promote establishment of democratic and efficient local government in Georgia, to assist democratic reforms and to advance the competent public participation in local decision-making.

Address: Ukraine, 65023 Odessa 6, L. TolstoyStr.
Tel/Fax: +38 0482 333 888

Civitas Georgica

Civitas Georgica specializes in effecting policy change through institution building, organization and management development and training. Civitas Georgica has already conducted over 50 large and small-scale projects in sectors including public sector reform, local government capacity building, regional/community development, pre-school and primary education, youth empowerment and engagement in public life, civic participation and advocacy.
To achieve its goals, Civitas Georgica enters in strategic partnership with other organizations. We are the members of Central and Eastern European Citizen's Network (CEE CN), European Network of Training organizations (ENTO), the national NGO coalition on decentralization.

Address: Georgia, 0164 Tbilisi 97, Tsinamdzgvrishvili Str.
Tel: +995 32 951991
Fax: +995 32 911948

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