Events / Workshop-3



The Workshop-3 in Georgia was devoted to Catchment Observations, Modelling and Management as its main themes and had a twofold objective: In particular, the two day ILMM-BSE Workshop-3 in Georgia included the capacity building part on October 30th (Day 1), dealing with hydrological modelling and data dissemination tools for the Black Sea Catchment, as well as special policy session next day devoted to International Black Sea Day (BSD) of October 31st (Day 2), with participation and presentations of local, national and international stakeholders involved in various European projects (such as ILMM-BSE and IASON) and other projects in river basin and catchment management. The workshops were targeting policy makers, researchers, and stakeholders from the region. The second half of the Black Sea Day of 31 October 2014 was specifically devoted to public presentations by ILMM-BSE Partners.

The Black Sea Workshops and Events in Georgia of 30-31 October 2014 were collocated with EC FP7 IASON Meeting in Batumi, October 29, 2014 and Cross Border Cooperation ILMM-BSE Project Meeting in Georgia, November 01, 2014, and were organized in synergy between these two European regional research projects and in close coordination between two Georgian partners International Association Civitas Georgica (ILMM-BSE) and GeoGraphic (IASON).

The workshop was promoted as the international Black Sea Day event in Georgia by the Black Sea Commission Permanent Secretariat (BSC PS) and the Ministry of Environment & Natural Resources Protection of Georgia.

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